LeafGuard Gutters of South Dakota Case Studies: Replacing Rotted out Soffit & Fascia and LeafGuard Gutter Installation


Customer had contacted LeafGuard of South Dakota after seeing our TV advertisement showing the amazing features that LeafGuard has to offer. We set an appointment for our expert Jeff Knopf to come assess the home and give a free quote. After measuring and evaluating the home, he discovered the wood soffit and fascia on the home was rotted out; and needed to be replaced before gutters could be installed.

Wood fascia is very common on older homes. With small (debris clogged) 4″ k style gutters and 2×3 downspouts, water would overfiow onto the s&f which contributed to the eventual rotting and deterioration.

LeafGuard Gutters are attached to the fascia board. Installing gutters to rotted fascia would not help the homeowner in any way; the system would eventually fall off. It could also potentially lead to further water damage.

Jeff Knopf went over the issues with the homeowner and came up with a proposal that the homeowners were comfortable with.



Our lead technicians, Jason & Travis, removed and disposed the wood soffit & fascia around the home. Before they installed the aluminum soffit & fascia, J channel needed to be added to support the new fascia board and conceal the edges where the fascia and soffit meet.

They installed 6″ aluminum soffit and fascia around the entire home.

LeafGuard Gutters were then attached to the fascia with high density plastic brackets. Plastic brackets are better than commonly used galvanized steel brackets, as they do eventually corrode and deteriorate from constant moisture exposure.

The end result is a completely watertight gutter system that blends right into the home. The homeowners are very satisfied with the end result and knowing they are covered for life with the LeafGuard warranty and guarantees!

Project Summary

Call Representative: Sabrina Pincombe

Estimator: Jeff Knopf

Install Technician: Travis Borresch

Install Technician: Jason Borresch

Product: J Channel

Product: Aluminum Soffit & Fascia

Product: LeafGuard Gutters

Before picture of the rotting wood soffit & fascia. Wood fascia is commonly found on older homes. Rotting occurs when the boards have been exposed to moisture from rain, snow and/or ice dams on a roof. Before LeafGuard was installed, the homeowner had 4″ K Style gutters with small 2×3 downspouts that were clogged, causing gutters to overflow and contributed to the rotting of their soffit & fascia.

LeafGuard Gutters are attached to the Fascia board on the home. Without a stable foundation for gutters to be secured to, the gutters would inevitably fall off.

After picture of LeafGuard Gutters installed on home with new aluminum soffit & fascia.

After photo of the fully completed installation of aluminum soffit & fascia along with the new LeafGuard Gutter System.

“Thank you for coming to replace the gutters on our house. Your employees did a good job from installation to cleanup afterwards. We are very satisfied with how things turned out!”

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“In the past, I would have to have my gutters cleaned out several times a year! After seeing LeafGuard gutters TV ad featuring the lifetime no clog guarantee, I knew we needed to get an estimate. Laura came out to measure my home and 3 stall garage. She explained the benefits and product wonderfully. I decided to have LeafGuard of South Dakota install July 2016. I have not had to clean my gutters once since then. It is now almost 3 years later! Highly recommend!!”

“My leaf guard gutters are performing wonderfully and work as advertised. Everyone I had worked with from the office staff to the installers, were very attentative. Highly recommend to anyone looking to replace their gutters!”

“Thank you for coming to replace the gutters on our house. Your employees did a good job from installation to cleanup afterwards. We are very satisfied with how things turned out!”

“I was very happy with the people that did my work. They were polite and when they finished, they cleaned up everything that was laying around.”

“My old gutter guards were worn out and not pleasing to the eye. LeafGuard of South Dakota installed their system October 2017. Since then I have not expierenced any issues with clogging. The design also blends right into my home - I can barely tell they are there.”

“These gutters work extremely well. I waited until we had a couple of heavy rains to actually rate them. I can't believe how effective they are. Awesome investment for my home.”

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