Gutter Cover Add Ons

Jan 18, 2019

Traditional k style gutters have a 3/4″ ridge (or shelf) where water and ice will sit. When you add on a cover, the water drips directly onto the ridge. This can be a huge problem to not only your gutter system, but your roof as well. Too much ice build up can create ice dams. Ice dams are a wall of ice that forms at the edge of roof or soffit. Water backs up behind the dam and can potentially leak into your home, damaging insulation, ceilings and walls.

If ice dams get big enough, they can also tear off gutters and loosen shingles.


Ice Dams

Ice Dams


LeafGuard Gutters will neither prevent nor cause ice dams that can create icicles. However, LeafGuard’s patented one piece hooded system does eliminate the possibilty of ice accumulation that can occur inside or on the ridge of traditional gutters. Making them a more viable option for people living in regions that get a lot snow and extreme temperatures.