How to Keep Leaves Out of Your Home’s Gutters

Mar 29, 2022

Debris in your gutters—it’s a dilemma that homeowners across the country deal with regularly. Although it may not seem like a pressingClose-up view of autumn leaves falling on gutters outfitted with white gutter guards. issue on the surface, the accumulation of leaves and twigs in your gutters can lead to blockages, forcing rainwater to travel down the exterior walls of your home, which can have devastating effects on its foundation, structural integrity, and landscaping. Below are three tips on how to keep leaves out of your gutters—some you may find to be more efficient than others:

Clear Your Gutters By Hand

Of course, you could go the traditional route and climb that shoddy ladder every now and again, stick your hand in your gutters, and pull out whatever gunk is lodged in the troughs. Although this method may seem effective, there is only so much debris you can remove by hand, not to mention the risk of injury you take every time you climb your wobbly ladder.

Invest in LeafGuard® Seamless Rain Gutters

The best way to prevent gutter clogs is to replace your subpar gutter system with LeafGuard rain gutters. These gutters feature a one-piece, seamless design, eliminating any chance of leaves getting lodged in the troughs. What’s more, this gutter system has a built-in gutter guard that keeps leaves out and prevents gutter clogs from happening in the first place.

Invest in Gutter Guards

If you’re opting to keep your open-top gutters, the next best option to LeafGuard® seamless rain gutters is to invest in gutter guards. MicroGuard screens, for example, are designed to fit virtually any open-top gutter system and feature over 48 micro-perforations, preventing even the smallest of debris from passing through. And these gutter guards are made from heavy-gauge aluminum, making them more than capable of handling whatever Mother Nature sends their way.

Your Source for Seamless Rain Gutters & Gutter Guards

If you’ve made the wise decision to keep your hands out of your gutters and invest in either LeafGuard seamless gutters or MicroGuard screens, turn to LeafGuard of South Dakota—proudly providing homeowners in Eastern South Dakota with professional service and expert installation. Contact us today to get started.