LeafGuard Gutters Can Only Be Installed by Certified LeafGuard Crews

Jul 21, 2017

You can rest easy knowing that LeafGuard does not sub-contract, our installers are LeafGuard Employees. LeafGuard Installers go through extensive in-house training before going to a job-site. We built a little model home for installation practice where they’re taught different scenarios and how to overcome any obstacles when out on a job-site; and is suprvised by our project managers. Safety and Quality is our top concern! We use ladder stabilizers and support beams when installing gutters to a home. Long runs are installed by two crew members to ensure nobody falls and the gutters are secured properly. Here is a picture of one of our installers, Jay, getting ready to hang a run of gutters on a customers home using support beams.

Gutter Hanging