How LeafGuard’s Advanced Seamless Gutters Work for Homes in Eastern South Dakota

The concepts of seamless gutters and gutter protection are simple. On one hand, you have a streamlined gutter system that eliminates the nooks and crannies (which are the seams) that leaves and debris can get trapped in, which reduces the risk of clogs forming. On the other hand, you have an overhead shield designed to stop debris from entering into a gutter. But in both cases, there was room for improvement—and that’s where LeafGuard® brand gutters come in.LeafGuard gutter

LeafGuard’s mission is to take gutter protection from reducing the risk of clogs to eliminating it. Thanks to some creative engineering, its advanced gutter systems are guaranteed not to clog.

Inspired Design

LeafGuard gutters are essentially a one-piece hybrid of seamless gutters and integrated gutter guards, but only meshed together after first improving both parts. The science at work here is simple, yet effective.

Have you ever noticed how water seems to cling to the hood of a car when you spray it down with a hose, even when it’s rolling off toward the ground? It’s not your imagination—the water really is sticking to the car, due to a scientific principle called liquid adhesion. Solid materials obviously don’t follow this principle. With all of this in mind, LeafGuard’s built-in gutter protection is designed to force rainwater to travel into the gutter while leaves and other solid things are forced to slide right off of it, guided only toward the ground below. And both the gutters and downspouts are wider and thicker than the industry standard, which allows for more rainfall to be caught and transported away from the home.

Built to Last

LeafGuard gutters aren’t made to be short-term solutions. These seamless gutter systems were designed for long-term use thanks to the following features:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction 20% thicker than the industry standard
  • Downspouts that are 30% larger than those of traditional gutters
  • Troughs big enough to handle up to 32 inches of rainfall per hour
  • A ScratchGuard® paint finish that protects against rotting, cracking, chipping, scratching, denting and peeling
  • A mounting system that does not penetrate your roof (which would potentially void your warranty or create leaks)

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“I was very happy with the people that did my work. They were polite and when they finished, they cleaned up everything that was laying around.”

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“I was very happy with the people that did my work. They were polite and when they finished, they cleaned up everything that was laying around.”

“In the past, I would have to have my gutters cleaned out several times a year! After seeing LeafGuard gutters TV ad featuring the lifetime no clog guarantee, I knew we needed to get an estimate. Laura came out to measure my home and 3 stall garage. She explained the benefits and product wonderfully. I decided to have LeafGuard of South Dakota install July 2016. I have not had to clean my gutters once since then. It is now almost 3 years later! Highly recommend!!”

“Thank you for coming to replace the gutters on our house. Your employees did a good job from installation to cleanup afterwards. We are very satisfied with how things turned out!”

“These gutters work extremely well. I waited until we had a couple of heavy rains to actually rate them. I can't believe how effective they are. Awesome investment for my home.”

“My leaf guard gutters are performing wonderfully and work as advertised. Everyone I had worked with from the office staff to the installers, were very attentative. Highly recommend to anyone looking to replace their gutters!”

“My old gutter guards were worn out and not pleasing to the eye. LeafGuard of South Dakota installed their system October 2017. Since then I have not expierenced any issues with clogging. The design also blends right into my home - I can barely tell they are there.”

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