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Seamless Gutters - Scupper Box

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018 by Sabrina Pincombe

This single family home has a steep valley by the front entrance. Roof valleys are the "V" shape you see, where the two roof planes meet. Water run-off collects in valleys and runs off the roof. Since water runs down valleys faster, it can create a prime spot for water to overshoot and in this case, collect in the walkway. 

The two rooflines at the entrance are so close, gutter runs could not be installed on each side, leaving a small gap. Our technicians created a custom 6" scupper box to fit into the tight corner, closing the gap. A scupper box is created to provide an outlet for water to collect and drain into gutters.

Pictured below is the front entrance, before LeafGuard Gutters were installed. 

Steep Valley on Front Entrance


Below is a picture of the 6" scupper box our technicians custom cut and installed. To keep debris out, we also covered the custom scupper box with our MicroGuard Screen. 

Custom Cut & Installed 6


Here is a look at the home after LeafGuard gutters were installed and custom scupper box.

After Photo of LeafGuard Installation

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